Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Magentrix Custom Cloud

Magentrix Cloud Application

The Magentrix™ Custom Cloud solution is now affordable and can grow as your business grows. Magentrix platform scales to handle very complex environments, with numerous application system integrations. Custom developed solutions, utilizing the Magentrix Custom Cloud product and additional portal, security and mobility design, ensures the entire solution is implemented by Magentrix, from end-to-end.


Magentrix Cloud Application allows organizations to migrate traditional data management to sophisticated Cloud storage and application space with no-coding! 
Migrate your Excel or Access databases into Cloud where large number of users can instantaneously access the data and collaborate like never before!

We at Zagrus are dedicated to provide professional services and help organizations rapidly embrace the Cloud and implement Magentrix Custom Cloud in their organization.

For more information please see: Magentrix Custom Cloud

Magentrix Custom Cloud

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